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Measuring Birefringence with a Polarimeter Camera

This short video illustrates a method of characterizing and measuring the birefringence in a moving scene. By using a micropolarizer camera with analysis software, the polarization of live-action scenes are now easily measured.

A setup to measure the birefringence of a stressed optic in a mount—in the case of a 25mm optic being tightened into a commercial optical mount—is illustrated, and the results presented.

While micropolarizer cameras are revolutionizing polarization imagery applications, having access to quantifying and reporting software remains a challenge. 4D Technology offers polarization analysis software with micropolarizer snapshot cameras.

Additionally, users who cannot take advantage of off the shelf polarimeter cameras may need to have a custom polarimeter manufactured for them. Whether because of the desire for wavelengths outside of the responsiveness of common polarimeters or because specific frame rates or resolution images are needed, customers can contact 4D Technology to inquire whether a custom camera can be manufactured for them.

4D Technology’s PolarCam can measure 4 linear Stokes parameters using nano-scale polarization arrays attached to the sensor.

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Products for Aspheric Optics

AccuFiz 6 MPx

The high resolution 6 megapixel AccuFiz Fizeau interferometer can measure steeper slopes, making it your best suited option for working with aspheres.


4D PhaseCam Twyman-Green interferometers are the industry choice for measuring concave spherical optics, from several millimeters to tens of meters in diameter.

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