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PolarCam featured in Laser Focus World magazine

In a recent article on LIDAR technology by Senior Editor John Wallace in Laser Focus World magazine, the author included several paragraphs referring to PolarCam’s micropolarizer technology, which can be used to model 3D space through measuring angle of linear polarization and the distance to objects.

The article covers various methods, options and optical technologies that lend themselves to LIDAR and environmental sensing by autonomous vehicles.
4D Technology is honored to have been included. Materials for the article were supplied to the author by our resident expert, Neal Brock, Director of New Technology Development.

Custom Built Micropolarizer Cameras

4D Technology remains probably the only source for a custom-built micropolarizer camera. If “over the counter” cameras won’t meet your specification requirements, consider having a camera built to your order by 4D Technology. We pioneered the process of adding micropolarizer grids to imaging sensors.
To learn about other novel ways to use PolarCam—in biomedical imaging, seeing through clouds of dust, in machine vision or Virtual Reality— download our white paper:

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