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Using Polarizing imagers for Dynamic interferometry

Our patent is the “secret sauce”

Our Dynamic Phase technology is a breakthrough in interferometry. By using micropolarizer cameras, we are able to capture 3D surface measurements instantly in a single video frame. It’s patented.*

With instantaneous data capture, we can “freeze” vibrating surface motion, making our measurements vibration immune. And that opens a transformational range of new metrology that can be done.

Special engineering of cameras

For nearly 20 years, 4D Technology has been the only manufacturer of Dynamic Phase Cameras. We developed the first commercial micropolarizer camera in 2007. Since then we have perfected the technology for precisely aligning and permanently bonding micropolarizer arrays directly to the sensors and we worked closely with Moxtek to optimize micropolarizer array performance for a variety of image sensors.

Commercial micropolarizer cameras

Today, micropolarizer cameras like our PolarCam are becoming mainstream, used for obtaining live video of the polarization of a scene anywhere—like the sun’s corona during an eclipse, or a realtime birefringence inspection system.

Interested in building your own dynamic interferometer? Contact us about obtaining a license of the patented technology. 

Dynamic interferometry is only available from 4D Technology.

*Includes U.S. patent 7,230,717 B2, and others may apply.

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