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4D Technology

4D Technology is a leading optics employer in Tucson Arizona. Our unique dynamic metrology products measure surface quality and surface defects on precision surfaces, as well as the surface and wavefront quality of optics.

As a vertically integrated company, we employ a multidisciplinary staff, including assembly and manufacturing technicians, plus optical, mechanical, electrical and software engineers, as well as staff for product support, administration, sales and marketing. 

As a 4D employee, you’ll enjoy a benefits package befitting a publicly traded company, wrapped in a close-knit and friendly Tucson office.

4D Technology has been an Onto Innovation subsidiary since November, 2019.

Job Openings

Opto-Mechanical Technician (R-2394)

The Opto-Mechanical Technician is responsible for the assembly, alignment, and test of precision optical systems, including optical, mechanical, and electrical components.

Specific Responsibilities


  • Optical and Mechanical Assembly
    1. Cleaning parts and optical components
    2. Optical and mechanical assembly
    3. Optical alignment and test
    • System Integration
      1. Final assembly of optical instrument systems
      2. Bore sighting and precision optical alignment
      3. System calibration and test
        •  Documentation
      1. Follow detailed work instructions, engineering drawings and schematics
      2. Fill out data sheets fully and completely
      3. Maintain quality system documentation
        •  Quality Control
      1. Incoming inspection of parts, components and optics
      2. Identification and documentation of defective parts
      3. In-process inspection and testing
      4. Final system testing
        •  Packaging
      1. Pack instruments for shipment
      2. Complete shipping documentation

      Other Duties

          • Comply with safety and regulatory requirements
          • Escalate issues and recommend solutions
          • Provide training for other production staff and achieve a high level of cross training.
          • Actively participate in continuous improvement projects, for example, kaizen, six sigma, lean manufacturing.



          • Associates degree in optical science and 3 years experience, or equivalent combination of education and experience.
          • Knowledge of optical handling, cleaning, and assembly procedures
          • Knowledge of optical devices including lenses, mirrors, prisms, collimators, shear plates, beam splitters etc.
          • Mechanical aptitude and manual dexterity


          • Experience with oscilloscopes, function generators, precision power supplies and digital multi-meters.
          • Experience configuring windows-based computer systems
          • Experience with wire termination and cable assembly including soldering and crimping


          • Continuous handling of lightweight materials.
          • Occasional lifting of heavy materials over 40 lbs.
          • Occasional use of hazardous chemicals

      Does this interest you? Review the full listing is at Onto Innovation’s careers site to apply.

      Posted:  May 24, 2022

      Senior Researcher/Data Scientist (R-2046)

      The Senior Researcher/Data Scientist is a highly self-motivated individual will work closely with data/research scientists, software developers and application scientists to innovate, prototype, validate, implement and test advanced data analysis algorithms that enhance optical metrology performance.  

      Specific Responsibilities

      • Interface with application scientists and marketing to understand and analyze customers’ requirements and technology gaps.
      • Work in a team or individually to innovate new concepts, develop new/improved methods and machine learning algorithms to address customers’ requirements and close technology gaps.
      • Collect and analyze technical data, propose improvements, and formulate solutions.
      • Conceptualize, design and fine-tune algorithms and find the best approach to solve a specific problem.
      • Prototype, validate, and implement advanced algorithms that enhance optical metrology performance.
      • Define new features, create software requirement documents, prepare and perform test plans.
      • Play a key role in technology development and ensuring customer adoption for optical metrology data analysis solutions


      • Ph. D. or equivalent (MS with at least 3 years’ experience) in an engineering discipline or appropriate physical science
      • 2+ years’ experience in machine learning research/engineering or related areas
      • Strong programming skills in Python/Matlab/R
      • Extensive experience with ML frameworks/libraries such as scikit-learn, Tensorflow, Caffe, and PyTorch
      • Strong sense for innovative and creative approaches to solve machine learning problem statements
      • Experience in the semiconductor or related manufacturing industry is a strong plus
      • Experience and knowledge in one or more of the following areas is a strong plus: statistics, estimation and optimization, signal processing, and data visualization.
      • Demonstrate passion to learn new technology and competency to master new concepts
      • Intellectual honesty and a sense of urgency in driving projects to completion
      • Excellent communication skills, ability to concisely present findings to both internal and external stakeholders
      • Ability to travel up to 25% is preferred
      • Ability to work independently in a fast-paced, iterative development environment or work within a cross-department collaborative setting (Applications, Software Development, Integration, …)
      • Experience and knowledge with scientific computing with C++ is a strong plus

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      Posted : May 24, 2022

      Software Engineer (R-2107)

      The Software Engineer is responsible for automation, image acquisition, hardware interfacing, and data processing.

      Specific Responsibilities

          • Enhance and maintain existing C, C++, C#, and WPF applications
          • Develop hardware interfaces to cameras, motion controllers, lasers, and so much more
          • Create & document new data analyses, algorithms, and GUI’s


          • Our team needs your enthusiasm and dedication to help us grow. We require a B.S. degree or higher in Engineering, Physics or Computer Science. The following skills and traits are highly desirable:
          • Experience with C, C++, C#, Java, or other object oriented language
          • Solid knowledge of object oriented software design
          • Capable of working both independently and as part of a team
          • Excellent written and oral communication skills
          • Adherence to S.O.L.I.D object oriented design principles

      Does this interest you? Review the full listing is at Onto Innovation’s careers site to apply.

      Posted : May 24, 2022

      Don’t see anything for your skill set and aspirations?

      That’s okay. Let us know you’re interested, because we’re growing fast and we love to find and work with good talent. Who knows, something might crop up? Please send your résumé to:

      Director, Human Resources
      4D Technology Corporation
      3280 E. Hemisphere Loop, Suite 146
      Tucson, AZ 85706
      FAX: 520-294-5601

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