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Keep your legacy system functioning at its best.

4D backs all of its products with world class service and support. As we advance our products and develop new ones, we continue to provide owners of our legacy instruments with assistance to keep their systems in action for years to come.

Tech support +1 520 294-5600

We are here to walk you with procedures, accessories, and upgrades that will help keep your system functioning at its best. 

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Getting Service

We hope you will never have a problem with your 4D system, but if you do encounter issues, we are here to help.

Legacy Systems

Twyman-Green Interferometers

The following PhaseCam laser interferometers have been superseded by the PhaseCam 4030, PhaseCam 6010 and PhaseCam 6110:

  • PhaseCam 4000
  • PhaseCam 4010
  • PhaseCam 4020
  • PhaseCam 4020HP
  • PhaseCam 5010
  • PhaseCam 5030
  • PhaseCam 6000
  • PhaseCam 6100

Contact 4D Support for assistance with other legacy PhaseCam instruments, such as the PhaseCam MW multi-wave, PhaseCam SC (GlassCam), etc.

Fizeau Interferometers

The following 4D Fizeau interferometers have been superseded by the AccuFiz Fizeau interferometer family:

  • FizCam 1000
  • FizCam 1500
  • FizCam 2000
  • FizCam 2000 12-inch
  • FizCam 3000
  • FizCam DUV
  • DiskCam (Hard Disks)

The AccuFiz MWIR has been superceded by the PhaseCam MWIR.

Contact 4D Support for assistance with other legacy FIzCam and AccuFiz instruments not shown in this list.

Optical Profilers

The NanoCam Sq optical profiler and BioCam for biological applications, have been superseded by the NanoCam HD optical profiler.


The PolarCam family of snapshot micropolarizer cameras (polarization cameras) and supporting software have been discontinued.


The SpeckleCam Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometer has been superseded by the PhaseCam ESPI.

4D Technology SpeckleCam


The WaveCam series of Mach-Zehnder interferometer measured the wavefront quality of small lenses, pulsed and continuous lasers, and CD/DVD/Blu-ray pickup heads. Contact 4D Support for assistance with your WaveCam system.

4D Technology WaveCam 1000 PUH measurement

Software from 4D Technology

We are continuously updating and improving our acquisition and analysis software, improving speed and adding functionality. Upgrade paths are available to help you stay with the latest versions of software and computer hardware. 

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