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4D InSpec Analysis Software

Powerful and intuitive acquisition and analysis software for surface inspection with 4D InSpec gauges.

4D InSpec® analysis software provides one-button measurement acquisition and easy to use analysis to make the most of the 4D InSpec Surface Gauge. Its straightforward design, touch-screen interface and drag-and-drop operation make the software easy to use in a production environment.

4D InSpec Measurement and Analysis Software

4D InSpec software sets the standard for easy analysis of data from surface roughness profilers. The software is designed with features that make life easy: a push-button interface, open data file format, extensive 2D and 3D displays, filtering, data masking, feature analysis, built-in robotic interface, and much more. 

“Best software in the industry.”

Michael Greenberg

Raydiance, Inc.

Tutorial videos

We help 4D InSpec users get started—and get unstuck—with broad support, including video how-to lessons.

The 4D InSpec Surface Gauge includes Feature Analysis tools that make it easy to determine the height/depth, width, volume and location of defects or features on a surface. This video explains how to use the Feature Analysis, including how to set various thresholds to include only the features of interest to your application.

Using the Measurement and Analysis software

The 4D InSpec software is full-featured, but easy to use. Information is presented in a clear format, and steps are included in logical groups and functions.

Acquiring measurement data is easy using the live view in 4D InSpec’s software.

You can see what the instrument sees using real time video in the Live View area. Grey, green, yellow and red (false) colors on the screen indicate when you can obtain a good measurement. By dragging a box, you can mask the field of view to measure just in your area of interest.

In Feature Analysis view, you can enter your feature criteria—such as minimum and maximum heights, pit depths and the minimum area of a feature—to let the software find and quantify your features. The statistical results are displayed in the Features Found table, and color coded in the Found Features plot. Features outside of your criteria are hidden.

Additional analysis

You can also show a 2D or 3D plot of the area, full screen. On a 2D or 3D plot, you can draw profiles in the X or Y direction, or using an arbitrary segment that you draw by clicking and dragging.

In the space below the area plot, the cross-sectional line profile is plotted. Within the profile, click and drag to obtain segment information, such as the change in height between the beginning and end points of the sub-segment, and the distance laterally between the end points.

Shape analysis

Other analysis tools allow for measuring a radius of curvature of a feature, such as a groove in a surface, or the radius of a cylindrical or spherical surface that was measured.

Data retention and sharing

The software keeps an image of your field of view, and the resulting measurement in the Measurement Stack until you save it. Data reports are incredibly simple. Save the entire screen, save individual plots, or export the Features Analysis data. You can also save each measurement in a variety of file types for easy export to other software.

Recipes let you choose a set of thresholds and settings for repeatable measurements over time, and between operators.

The 4D InSpec software comes supplied with the 4D InSpec Surface Gauge. The software can be purchased separately for data analysis and report generation on another desktop or laptop computer. 

Remote access software lets you interface with the core functions of the instrument and software from user-written applications, by means of a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). 

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