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Infrared Optics

Infrared optics are manufactured from substrates and anti-reflection coatings that maximize performance for applications operating above 700nm. IR optics are common in applications including thermal imaging, night vision, spectroscopy, and FLIR (forward-looking IR) applications for imaging and sensing. 

Measure Infrared Optics at IR Wavelengths

Manufacturers and system integrators need to measure IR optics and optical systems at their functional wavelength to ensure performance. The wavelength may be matched from the near IR (NIR) for sensing applications out to 10.6 microns (LWIR) for measuring rough-ground surfaces, lithographic optics, etc.

Measure Infrared Optics (IR Optics) with 4D Technology IR Laser Interferometers

4D Technology IR Interferometers

4D Technology’s PhaseCam NIR and IR laser interferometers accurately measure infrared optics’ surface and wavefront quality, for spherical and plano IR optics and systems, from 1.053 to 10.6 micron wavelengths. With extremely short acquisition times, these instruments are insensitive to vibration and air turbulence, enabling use in difficult environments such as production floors, clean rooms and environmental testing chambers.

AccuFiz IR interferometers measure infrared optics at wavelengths from 1.55 µm through 10.6 microns, including polished or rough-ground optics and metal surfaces, concave, convex and afocal IR components, and IR telescopes and lens systems. Their ability to capture high slopes makes it possible to measure aspherical optics without the need for a holographic element.


4D Infrared Interferometers

Measure Infrared Optics (IR Optics) - 4D Technology AccuFiz Fizeau IR Laser Interferometers at LWIR, SWIR, MWIR wavelengths.

AccuFiz IR

AccuFiz Fizeau can be ordered in Shortwave IR (SWIR) or Longwave IR (LWIR) wavelengths. Fizeaus interferometers can measure flat, concave, and convex spherical optics in their functional wavelengths.

Measure Infrared Optics (IR Optics) - 4D Technology PhaseCam Twyman-Green IR Laser Interferometers at IR, NIR wavelengths

PhaseCam NIR or IR

4D PhaseCam Twyman-Green interferometers measure at 1064 nm through 3.39 micron wavelengths, as well as custom wavelengths. PhaseCam is the industry choice for measuring concave optics and optical systems, from several millimeters to many meters in diameter.

3 Questions to Ask Before Buying an Infrared Interferometer

Addresses three key questions in assessing your need for an IR interferometer.

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