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Automotive Industry

Measuring paint and coatings

The 4D SurfSpec is the first surface measurement system for process control of coatings from substrate to clearcoat. Comprehensive, quantified results let you fingerprint the entire process—to ensure final coating quality, and to prevent further processing on parts which will lead to unacceptable final quality.

Measuring texture and defects

Accurate measurement of surface defects on bearings, races and other structures is critical to long component life and safe operation. The 4D InSpec can instantly measure features and defects from 0.1–100 mils (2 mm) deep on parts with challenging geometries.

Drive Train Components

The 4D InSpec brings high resolution measurement to the factory floor, making it possible to locate and measure pitting, scratches and other defects, as well as measuring dot peening, laser scribe marks, edge break and other features. 4D InSpec is more accurate than optical comparators, helping to correctly identify parts that do not meet surface texture specifications, while eliminating the waste of scrapping or reworking components that actually pass all requirements.

The 4D InSpec also excels at quantifying wear and corrosion on components during rebuilds, letting you measure with micrometer-level resolution in even the toughest environments.

Added Technical Resources

Can 4D InSpec replace replica gels?

If you can measure a 3D defect (like an area of corrosion) directly, is there any reason to keep using replications? We examined whether there was correlation between our measurements and the replicas, and found times when replication is still needed. Download the PDF now.

What is 4D InSpec?

The first handheld, high resolution 3D surface gauge for measuring surface defects and features, right on the factory floor.

Automotive Industry parts inspection

4D InSpec

4D InSpec provides non-contact measurement of surface features and defects, on the factory floor, in machine shops and in field service applications.

4D InSpec XL

A handheld defect inspection gauge that works like 4D InSpec standard, but with a larger field of view, to measure wider and deeper features. 

InSpec Accessories

Accessories for improving portability, ease of use, or for accessing hard to reach measurements like sidewalls and through-holes.

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