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PhaseCam Infrared

Patented, vibration-insensitive measurements at NIR, SWIR, and MWIR wavelengths.

High performance Twyman-Green laser interferometers offer accurate, repeatable measurement for testing optics at infrared wavelengths 

4D Technology PhaseCam NIR SWIR MWIR IR Infrared Twyman Green Laser Interferometer

PhaseCam Twyman-Green infrared interferometers accurately measure concave, convex and afocal infrared components, as well as infrared telescopes and lens systems. PhaseCam systems are ideally suited for measuring infrared optics over long paths, for remote mounting in measurement towers or pressure vessels, and for other challenging test setups.

PhaseCam NIR and SWIR Infrared Interferometers

Small and lightweight, PhaseCam NIR and SWIR systems incorporate patented Dynamic Interferometry® technology to acquire data thousands of times faster than a temporal phase shifting interferometer. Because acquisition time is so short, the systems can be used without vibration isolation in the most challenging environments.

 PhaseCam NIR and SWIR Specs

Configuration  Twyman-Green interferometer
Acquisition Vibration insensitive dynamic or temporal
Wavelength NIR (1.064 μm)
SWIR (1.55 μm)
Camera NIR: 4MP, 12-bit;
SWIR: 512 x 512
Controls Motorized focus, beam blocks, contrast
Software 4Sight™ Focus included
Size NIR: < 39 cm (15.3 in) long
SWIR: < 41 cm (15.7 in) long
Exposure Min. 30 µsec
IR Laser Interferometer - PhaseCam NIR Twyman-Green Infrared  Interferometer

PhaseCam NIR

Operating at 1.064 µm

IR Laser Interferometer - PhaseCam SWIR Twyman-Greenu Infrared Interferometer 1.55 micron

PhaseCam SWIR

Operating at
1.55 μm

PhaseCam MWIR Infrared Interferometer

The PhaseCam Twyman-Green MWIR interferometer accurately measures concave, convex and afocal components, as well as optical systems, at mid-IR wavelengths.  Its optical system enables measurement of both uncoated optics and high reflectors.

With its secondary output aperture on the side, we can provide an Off-Axis Parabolic Beam Expander, like the 150mm example shown.


IR Laser Interferometer - PhaseCam NIR Twyman-Green Infrared  Interferometer

PhaseCam MWIR with beam expander

Operating at 3.39 µm (other wavelengths available)

  PhaseCam MWIR Specs

Configuration  Twyman-Green interferometer
Acquisition Temporal phase-shifting
Wavelength 3.39 μm; other wavelengths available
Camera 512 x 512
Controls Motorized focus, beam blocks
Software 4Sight™ included
Size < 85 cm (33 in) long
Exposure 500 µsec

This 2:14 minute introduction of the PhaseCam MWIR with its remarkable features helps you see how well thought-out this instrument is. It adds so much value over the lifetime of its use.

IR Laser Interferometer - PhaseCam NIR Twyman-Green Infrared  Interferometer

PhaseCam MWIR

Operating at 3.39 µm (other wavelengths available)

IR Laser Interferometer - PhaseCam NIR Twyman-Green Infrared  Interferometer

PhaseCam MWIR Diverger Optics

Full range of diverger optics operating at 3.39 µm (other wavelengths available)

Vibration insensitive

30 microsecond data acquisition time

Reflectivity adjustment

A built-in rotating polarizer helps you achieve maximum fringe contrast and highest-quality data for any sample, from reflectivity <1% up to 100%

Accessory optics

Numerous accessories and options, a fully developed product line.

4D PhaseCam systems have been deployed for measuring in the most challenging applications: in environmental and vacuum chambers; for long path measurements, without isolation; for with computer-generated holograms for aspheric and freeform optics testing; and as precision alignment aids for complex infrared sensing systems, among many others.

All 4D systems are backed by world-class support every step of the way. Upgrades, accessories and ongoing service will help you get the most of your interferometer investment. 




Introducing 4Sight Focus

The all-new 4Sight Focus analysis software—included with all 4D interferometers and optical profilers—provides blazing fast acquisition, rich visuals, and a wealth of analysis features.

  • Fast acquisition and analysis
  • Clean, configurable interface
  • Simple to learn
  • Deep analysis capabilities
  • Easy data output
  • Smart integration and automation.
4Sight Focus Customizable Interferometer Analysis Software

Added Technical Resources


Setting the Wedge Factor Tech Note

The Wedge Factor scales results to account for the geometry of an optical test setup. This tech note explains how to set the parameter for measuring wavefront error and surface height in common configurations.

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