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Industrial Measurement Products

Options for Flexibility and Performance

Several 4D InSpec models and accessories are available to tailor the system to your particular surface measurement applications.  All models have high resolution sensors, similar power consumption and operating conditions, employ the 4D InSpec control and analysis software and feature a one year, limited warranty.

4D SurfSpec Surface Coatings Inspection Gauge

The 4D SurfSpec is the first surface measurement system for process control of coatings from substrate to clearcoat. Comprehensive, quantified results let you fingerprint the entire process—to ensure final coating quality, and to prevent further processing on parts which will lead to unacceptable final quality.

The 4D SurfSpec measures surfaces on all common materials to control every step of the process and produce high-quality final coatings.

4D InSpec Surface Gauge

The standard 4D InSpec is lightweight and highly portable, for high resolution measurement on the factory floor, in repair/work shops and in the field. Use the 4D InSpec to measure into corners, between features, over large areas, and on complex geometries.  

 4D InSpec XL Surface Gauge

The 4D InSpec XL Surface Defect Gauge has a larger field of view and higher scan range than the standard model. Measure features up to 0.6″ x 0.6″ across, and 0.0002″ (5 microns) to 0.35″ (9 mm) deep/tall, including edge break, radii, rivet depth and dot peen depth.  And, the 4D InSpec XL gives you the same micrometer-level resolution, portability, affordability and ease-of-use as the standard model.

 4Di InSpec AT Automated Surface Measurement

The 4Di InSpec AT is a high-throughput, high resolution defect and feature inspection solution. The automated system combines a 4D InSpec or 4D InSpec XL surface gage with a collaborative robot to measure dozens of edge break features, chamfers, and radii in minutes rather than days, vastly improving throughput and driving down inspection costs.

4D InSpec Options and Accessories

Get into tight places with Fold mirrors. Use portable and backup power to make measurements wherever you need. We have things to make work easier, like hip holsters and foot pedals.

Also explore our remote access software, or get a stand-alone analysis software set to let you review and analyze data at a remote location.

4D InSpec Analysis Software

Easy-to-use analysis. One button acquires a measurement and lets you make the most of the 4D InSpec Surface Gauge. The software’s straightforward design, touch-screen interface and drag-and-drop operation make 4D InSpec easy to use in a production environment. Available for stand-alone review and further analysis of measurement data.

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