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4Sight Focus Software

The all-new 4Sight Focus offers blazing acquisition speed, an easy-to-learn interface, rich visuals, and a wealth of data analysis features.

4Sight Focus Inteferometer Analysis Software

Introducing 4Sight Focus

4Sight software has long been the industry-leader in acquiring and analyzing interferometric data.

The all-new 4Sight Focus takes that power to a whole new level, with blazing acquisition speed, an easy-to-learn interface, rich visuals, and a wealth of data analysis features.

4Sight Focus is included with all 4D interferometers and optical profilers. It’s also available as a stand-alone workstation for analyzing data offline, from virtually any 2D or 3D measurement system.

“Best software in the industry.”

Michael Greenberg

Raydiance, Inc.

Simplified interface puts the Focus on data

The 4Sight Focus interface puts everything you need within reach—while providing plenty of screen real estate for a clean view of your analysis.

For more advanced analysis and setup, all settings are neatly stored just a few clicks away. Cluttered screens and layers of settings windows are now a thing of the past!

For production measurement, all settings can be optimized, stored and recalled from a single file. Open a configuration file—and press the Measure button. It’s that easy.

Interferometer analysis software - 4Sight Focus

Learn it fast—and get down to making measurements

4Sight Focus gives you incredible analysis power that you can take advantage of right away.

An advanced data simulator lets you learn the software off-line, using data that’s customized to your project or production. Thorough documentation makes it easy to learn the basics—and the more advanced features—without requiring valuable instrument time.

Tools that make optical setup a snap

Acquisition speed is critical—but fast measurements are just part of the puzzle.

4Sight Focus is designed to make measurement setup faster and easier as well. Multi-monitor support lets you view Live Video and Alignment tools close to the optics you’re adjusting—no more viewing from across the room!

The real-time Zernike plot responds almost instantaneously as you align your optics—providing precise feedback that greatly reduces alignment time.

As you adjust settings, use the Recalculate function to apply the changes—you can even apply them to previously acquired data.

When everything is set, save all of your settings in one easy-to-manage file that can be used again and again.

Intuitive data handling

4Sight Focus’ unique Measurement Stack stores multiple measurement in memory, for the fastest processing and manipulation.

Adjust measurement settings, set view options, apply a reference measurement, and many other functions—all with just a few clicks.

4Sight Focus Analysis Software - Measurement Stack

The all new Measurement Operations interface lets you add, subtract, average and scale multiple datasets easily. Using the Measurement Stack and Measurement Operations you can even perform multi-measurement calculations such as homogeneity or optical thickness is just a few clicks—without scripting.

Interferometer Analysis Software - 4Sight Focus Dataset Subtraction

Flexible masking and filtering

4Sight Focus includes a new unified Mask Editor that simplifies the process for creating detector, terms and analysis masks using multiple shapes. Innovative masking tools also let you mask data by intensity, modulation, fringe amplitude or island size.

4Sight Focus software - masks

The unique Filter Recipe interface lets you apply Boxcar, Fourier and other filters in a defined sequence to highlight the critical aspects of your data. The Recipe can be applied to previously acquired measurements as well.

Analysis software - Data Filtering - 4Sight Focus

Deep analysis capabilities

4Sight Focus includes dozens of tools to help you analyze your data and visualize the results. Every screen has customizable parameters so you can show just what is important for your application.

2D and 3D displays can include cross-section profiles—even at multiple, arbitrary angles across the data. Improved Zernike, Histogram, Island, Slope and PSD analyses are easier to read and include interactive tools that highlight important data.

4Sight Focus Live Data Setup View

Setup Window lets you adjust settings while viewing live data and sample measurements

4Sight Focus 2D Profile Contour Plot

2D (Contour) Plot with customizable results table

4Sight Focus 3D Plot

3D Plot shown with arbitrary cursors with profile stats

4Sight Focus Histogram Plot

Histogram Plot displays the distribution of heights in the measurement

4Sight Focus 4-Plot Contour 3D Histogram Fringes

4-Plot view with expandable 2D, 3D, Histogram and Fringe views

4Sight Focus Shop Screen view

Shop Screen view with 2D contour plot and interferograms

4Sight Focus Zernike Bar Chart

Zernike Bar Plot provides the first eight Zernike terms for real-time alignment feedback

4Sight Focus Slope Analysis

Slope Analysis helps you locate high spatial frequency changes in an optical system

4Sight Focus PSD Power Spectral Density Analysis

PSD (Power Spectral Density) Analysis  shows the power at all spatial frequencies

4Sight Focus Island Analysis

Island Analysis calculates statistics for each group of contiguous pixels in the data

4Sight Focus Zernike Worksheet Analysis

Zernike Worksheet interactive display compares data to ideal Zernike polynomials

4Sight Focus QC Quality Control Analysis

QC (Quality Control) View provides an interface for verifying system and setup repeatability

For optical profilers, 4Sight Focus includes ASME B46.1 and ISO25178-2 surface roughness/texture parameters.

4Sight Focus Surface Roughness Parameters


And, if you happen to need a function from a previous version of 4Sight, use the one-button bridge function to open the dataset in the older 4Sight for further analysis.

Rich database

Storing results to a database is critical for production measurement and for tracking data over time. 4Sight Focus lets you quickly create a database the way you want to see it, choosing from dozens of parameters. Logging is automatic—and Pass/Fail criteria make it easy to quickly spot any out-of-tolerance conditions.  Standard formatting allows easy linking with statistical process control (SPC) software packages so results can immediately be incorporated into production.

Configure it your way

4Sight Focus has a flexible interface that you can customize for your unique application. Helpful features such as oversized stats, floating live video, alignment and histogram windows, and customizable results let you show or hide just the features that you need.

4Sight Focus Customizable Interferometer Analysis Software

Virtually every aspect of your setup—from measurement settings to font size—can be stored in Configuration Files, which can be customized and reused for each application.

 4Sight Focus Customizable Interferometer Analysis Software

Output data that makes a statement

When you need to present data to your team or management, you need an easy way to get your point across, quickly.

4Sight Focus’ one-button output interface lets you save any analysis image as a high-resolution PDF or image file, which can be quickly imported into a presentation or report.

4Sight Focus - easy export to Microsoft PowerPoint

You can also export any  tabular data—including a database—for further analysis in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel.

Easy integration to future-proof your system

4Sight Focus includes integrations to MatLab and Python, enabling custom scripting and automation.

MATLAB logopython logo

The optional WCF Remote Package lets you integrate 4Sight Focus with other hardware, write scripts, or create your own custom control interface for 4D instruments. It’s a seamless system for integrating automated handling equipment, and for automating data flow to your cloud as well.


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