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New Options Improve Portability, Ease of Use

A series of new options are now available for the 4D InSpec Surface Gauge to increase usability. The mobile cart lets you bring high resolution measurement where you need it, anywhere in the shop. The 500W power supply give you up to 8 hours of mobile use without the need to plug in. Software options let you analyze data off-line, create scripts to incorporate the 4D InSpec into automated systems, and to control the instrument and software remotely. Calibration standards ensure accurate measurement for the life of the instrument.

Visit the Options page to learn more.

Corrosion often occurs in corners and near edges — area of high stress, high temperatures or component-to-component contact. The 4D InSpec’s large depth of focus makes it possible for inspectors to access corners to measure corrosion in areas that no other system can access. The included software automatically removes surface curvature to accurately report the depths of all pits, as well as the maximum depth, the number of pits in an area, the percentage of area covered by pits, and the pit density. Height and width measurements are traceable to standards.

Additionally, an optional fold mirror attachment allows the 4D InSpec to function like a borescope, allowing inspectors to assess corrosion on fillets, on the interiors of pipes, and in other areas without direct line-of-sight.

Measuring corrosion on a welded corner. Image Courtesy StandardAero.

The 4D InSpec Surface Gauge provides a thorough, accurate, repeatable assessment of all the precision surfaces of complex components. With a low purchase price and little ongoing maintenance the gauge makes high resolution measurement affordable for both small and large manufacturing and repair facilities. By fundamentally changing the way companies measure corrosion, the 4D InSpec helps companies properly identify potentially damaging corrosion, as well as avoiding the costly scrapping of expensive components that are truly within specification.

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