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Coping with Windows 7 end of life

4D has had instruments operating in the field from our very first years, as far back as 2002. Sadly, things grow old and age out. Our service department reports that a couple of the cameras we first installed are starting to see a decline in performance, and customers are looking for an update. But the more common concern at the moment is the impending end-of-support by Microsoft of Windows 7.
If you’re a 4D instrument owner and are facing Windows 7 loss of support as an urgent issue, you might want to look into upgrading your operating system. The catch is, our software needs to be properly installed, with updated drivers, and some hardware cards may not be compatible with a Windows 10 upgrade. You should contact our service department to see what your options are. Generally, we recommend replacing the computer itself, with Windows 10 and up-to-date electronics installed.


The Good News

There are two pieces of good news:

  1. Nearly every model of our legacy instruments can be upgraded, although there are a few exceptions. You should send us your serial number to find out your options.

  2. We’re investing in our support of installed instruments, where others might be reducing support of legacy equipment. That means more people to help you, with more clarity and options.

Peace of mind ahead

If you’re in doubt, contact our service department, using the form below:

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Products for Aspheric Optics

AccuFiz 6 MPx

The high resolution 6 megapixel AccuFiz Fizeau interferometer can measure steeper slopes, making it your best suited option for working with aspheres.


4D PhaseCam Twyman-Green interferometers are the industry choice for measuring concave spherical optics, from several millimeters to tens of meters in diameter.

Do you need custom-built metrology?

Get a free consultation. 4D Technology’s mechanical, optical, electrical and software engineering teams are standing by to evaluate what it would take to meet your application’s requirements.

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