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Up/down, front/back, left/right…

Within the hemispherical radius of reach provided by a robotic arm, NanoCam microscope is able to measure the finish of surfaces of virtually any shape, and to sample in thousands of potential locations.

A recent installation of our interference microscope, which measures 3D structure of surfaces with nanometer-level precision, showed that NanoCam can perform measurements well, even attached to a huge, industrial robot arm.

No bridge, no granite slab, no hands!

Ordinary optical profilers are mounted on arches, posts, or bridge structures that limit the range of their reach over a large area. They may have giant blocks of granite in their base as a vibration dampening system. But with 4D Technology’s dynamic measurement technology, we don’t need to lock down vibrations to get good results. Measuring a big optic standing front of a long, cantilevered arm is as productive as measuring looking down at the table below it.

Using the robotic arm to reach a big optic in front of it, we demonstrated that NanoCam could measure from the middle to the edge of the surface under test in any direction. No need for a motorized stage to move the test object around, the NanoCam moves to wherever it’s needed on the surface.

Enormous production potential

Simply by training the robot to help NanoCam find focus on the various planes of the object under test, the NanoCam can be brought to any place and angle needed to be reviewed, within the “envelope” of the robot arm’s range of motion.

It means an object could be spherical, cylindrical, or even wrap around the robot in three dimensions, with projections and steps of great complexity. This unleashes the power of qualifying and examining surface finishes for many kinds of projects and materials, and enables production metrology of full surfaces, and with a stationary test surface.

Learn more about NanoCam interference microscope here, where you can also download the Data Sheet with specifications of the microscope. As for robots, we’re committed to supporting a number of popular brands.