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Introducing 4D InSpec’s Backpack Portability Kit

The 4D InSpec 3D inspection gauge has amazing portability: not only is it handheld, now you can walk around the factory or the flightline with it.

Our aerospace customers call it “on-wing” measurement, but it means you can climb stairs and ladders, go inside fuselages or remote locations to measure and inspect in situ.

The new portability kit uses

  • a backpack to carry and store the accessories
  • a battery for a full shift’s worth of measurements
  • a ruggedized tablet for taking, storing and analyzing measurement data
  • a hip holster for the instrument, to free your hands while working

The kit is lightweight and comfortable for long-term wear, in a high-quality pack with plenty of ergonomic padding. 

After field-testing to determine which focus aids are most commonly used, we have added a small box of fold mirrors and focus aids to easily adapt the 4D InSpec to your changing situation.

The portable backpack kit with holster lets you climb, crouch, and get to remote spots to reach the thing you need to measure. Even the top of a windmill!


The backpack kit is now available for order from your regional representative or international distributor.

Backpack Portability Kit : Backpack containing the battery power supply (top center). Bottom row (left to right): Tablet, fold mirrors and focus aids kit, instrument measurement head, holster.

Attached to the side of a workbench, the holster might also be used for holding the instrument head while loading or unloading a benchtop. Contact 4D Technology for information.


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