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4D Technology Celebrates 20 years

On March 5, 2000, 4D was first incorporated.

Since that day, twenty years ago, 4D Technology has served to make optics better. From the most advanced space and terrestrial telescopes down to improving the quality of contact lenses, our patented innovations have made measurements that were simply impossible without 4D’s technology.

After all these years…

Today, 4D Technology Corporation is a part of Onto Innovation — a part of one of the largest semiconductor metrology equipment manufacturers in the world. But we are still a manufacturer and innovator in metrology that uses interferometry and polarized light.

Still delighting engineers

Last month at Photonics West 2020 in San Francisco—SPIE’s flagship photonics industry event—we showed:

  • NanoCam optical profiler, operating on a meter-long industrial robot arm. Taking high precision, nanometer-resolution measurements at a show is hard. Taking them on a moving robot arm is unheard of.
  • PhaseCam 6100, demonstrating our new high-speed acquisition software. Taking a burst of measurements and averaging them (in turbulence or in vibration) has never been quicker. Now you can adjust system alignment in real time.
  • AccuFiz D a brand new, dynamic Fizeau interferometer with surface isolation technology. With it–again, without vibration isolation, in an enviroment that is difficult by any measure–we could measure the outside and inside surfaces of a radially centered dome, from one side, without changing the setup.

Our products measure the shape and quality of optical components, and inspect high-precision, engineered surfaces in industrial, automated and other environments that require high-speed acquisition of surface data.

Customers in semiconductor, aerospace, defense, medical components, machining, 3D printing and hard sciences have depended on measurements using 4D Technology instruments for twenty years.

With gratitude—for those that had the insight to see our potential; to loyal customers past, present, and future; and to the many hard-working and brilliant employees who have helped make the difficult, routine—here’s looking forward to many more.

Do you need custom-built metrology?

Get a free consultation. 4D Technology’s mechanical, optical, electrical and software engineering teams are standing by to evaluate what it would take to meet your application’s requirements.

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