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Getting repair service for your 4D Instruments

Keeping your 4D metrology instrument running in prime condition is a way of retaining performance and value, while ensuring reliability for years and years. 4D Technology’s products are built to last, and we stand by them with our warranty, and offer service for years afterwards.

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Many customers use 4D instruments for essential production measurements. Downtime steps, such as a service outage, or time lags in ordering parts for repairs, would be disruptive or costly to their ongoing processes. Consequently, they want to ensure that their instrument will have robust support, to ensure a quick and painless process.

Buying an extended warranty or service contract is a kind of insurance, but 4D’s extended warranties provide attractive added value, including software upgrades, call center and remote diagnostic services, and inventories of long lead parts …even guaranteed on-site response times. With features like these, you are assured that your uptime is maximized, at a very reasonable return on your investment.

Need a support contract quote?

Contact your regional representative to see your options. If you’re not sure who that is, contact our customer support for guidance on who to go through, using this form:

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