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How long to get a Turbine blade measured accurately?

People don’t believe us when we say the instrument is fast. So here’s a quick forty-one second video showing how long it takes to measure (precisely) a nick on the edge of a turbine blade.

Keep your eyes glued to the screen:

Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Locate the dent on the part
  2. Set the 4D InSpec’s edge-holding accessory on the blade, with the imaging aperture at focal distance
  3. Click the button on the instrument (or on the screen, if you have a free hand)
  4. Wait a second for the 3D plot to be calculated
  5. Draw a profile trace along the blade edge, starting to each side of the nick
  6. In the profile plot, use the green sub-selectors to drag an area of interest window.
  7. Read the peak to valley from the screen, reported instantly

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