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4D Technology PhaseCam Dynamic Laser Interferometer and lightweight mirror

Image courtesy Dream Aerospace Systems

Dream Aerospace Systems recently installed its new 4D Technology PhaseCam interferometer. The PhaseCam will provide finishing feedback for the company’s zeroDELTA™ lightweight mirrors, among other uses.

“The PhaseCam delivers on its promises, by providing highly detailed topographical maps and the all-important Mid-Spatial Frequency (MSF) errors,” said Shane Santi, Founder/President of Dream Aerospace Systems.” The PhaseCam is the smallest and lightest interferometer on the market. It’s critical for a growing engineering and technology company like Dream, which is solely focused on installed performance.”

PhaseCam 6000 Twyman Green Dynamic Laser Interferometer
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The incredibly compact, on-axis PhaseCam puts vibration-immune measurement anywhere you need it. A lightweight, fiber-coupled measurement head is easy to position in test stands, remote mounting locations, and other challenging setups.

Using the PhaseCam, has been able to finish its lightweight mirrors  to better than λ/28 RMS surface (HeNe). The PhaseCam’s unique configuration enables Dream to collect data on optical surfaces at different test angle(s) to obtain the most accurate surface data.

Dream Aerospace Systems Telescope Mirror Measured with 4D Technology PhaseCam

Image courtesy Dream Aerospace Systems

The PhaseCam and test tower allow Dream Aerospace Systems to develop products which are lighter and far lower in cost than competing technologies, as well as requiring the lowest possible maintenance.

Read more about this PhaseCam application and zeroDELTA lightweight mirrors in this Dream Aerospace article.

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