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PhaseCam MWIR Twyman-Green Dynamic Infrared Interferometer

4D Technology’s PhaseCam® MWIR  is a dual-port infrared interferometer with blazing fast acquisition, even in turbulence, over long paths, or in vibration.

The PhaseCam MWIR measures optical surface shape and wavefront error at a 3.39  µm infrared wavelength. This unique Twyman-Green system lets you switch between two different optical test beams without changing the setup. At the turn of a knob measure through the system’s main aperature or through the side port, which can be coupled to a beam expander.

It’s like having two optical test stations in one setup.

The Twyman-Green configuration of the PhaseCam MWIR significantly reduces diffraction artifacts versus Fizeau interferometers. Diverger optics,  for measuring concave optics using the main aperature, are smaller, less expensive and easier to work with than Fizeau transmission spheres, and create fewer measurement artifacts as well.  Zinc-selenide lenses even permit alignment using a visible light alignment laser, making setup faster and easier.

100mm and 150mm aperture beam expanders are available for use with the side port as standard options, and 300mm aperture beam expanders are available for quote. The PhaseCam is kinematically mounted to the beam expander breadboard, so it can be easily moved to and from a different measurement station without disturbing the beam expander and test setup.

PhaseCam MWIR Twyman-Green Dynamic Infrared Interferometer

The PhaseCam MWIR can be operated in on-axis temporal measurement mode or in dynamic spatial carrier mode for challenging environments, such as turbulence, long paths or vibration, which are common in vacuum chamber or cryo-chamber setups.

While the standard PhaseCam MWIR uses a 3.39 micron source, custom options are available between 3.8 µm and 4.1 µm.

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