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How the 4D InSpec helps MRO shop BP Aero

BP Aero is an aircraft engine service (MRO) shop located in Dallas, Texas. With the help of the 4D InSpec, they are better able to determine if parts are serviceable, or not, and quickly provide more information about a questionable part surface to their customers.  By using a 4D InSpec, BP Aero Engine Services has been able to grow and retain their business.

In this short, 2 minute and 50 second video, Director of Maintenance Kevin Hughes discusses his experience with the 4D InSpec. 

“Has [the 4D InSpec] helped me gain and retain business? Most definitely.” – director of BP Aero Kevin Hughes.

 Video transcript:

“My name is Kevin Hughes. I am Director of Maintenance for BP Aero Engine Services.”

BP Aero Engine Services uses the 4D InSpec handheld surface gauge. It’s a versatile hand-held shop gauge for pass/fail inspection of surface defects like nicks, scratches, and corrosion on precision parts. It saves their customers thousands in parts waste and speeds up their turn around time.

“As director of maintenance, I am in charge of everything that goes with the shop itself, plus managing all of the technicians at the same time.

“When you are an inspector in aviation, you have a lot of responsibility on you, making the right call, making an accurate call, ’cause not only is it safety, which is always a top priority in aviation, but there is a money aspect of it too. You want to save as much money as you can for the customer.

“The 4D InSpec has taken a lot of that responsibility and made it easy for [aviation inspectors], because it is so accurate and they are able to measure things that they were not able to measure before. They are able to measure around a curved surface, they are able to measure in a divet, or measure many different areas of the engine we were not able to measure before accurately, you could just not do it. There was nothing out there that could do it.

“Has [the 4D InSpec] helped me gain and retain business? I would say most definitely. We actually got called out for a job. One company did not have 4D, we did. We actually gained the business of going down there and doing inspections because we had the 4D InSpec. Customers have sent in parts specifically to be measured with the 4D InSpec because they knew we had it. Customers are more apt to send us their engines because we have this technology now. So yes, we have definitely gained customers and retained customers with the use of the 4D InSpec.

“We are just able to give a lot more information, faster, to get the engines serviceable for them to use again, with minimum part fall out. You got a two thousandths limit, that is very hard to measure. With the 4D InSpec, it gives you that capability to measure down to that level so you can see if that part is serviceable or not serviceable. Even a four thousandths limit—with some of the other technologies that are out there, say a borescope—it is not going to give you the accuracy of what you need it to be, at that level of limit. It can give you an idea, but it’s not going to be as accurate as the 4D InSpec.

“Being an engine shop and being a maintenance shop, the 4D InSpec has been a gamechanger for these tighter and tighter limits that they are putting out there. Without ‘em? We wouldn’t be the shop that we are.”

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