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How Gage Capable is the 4D InSpec?


A Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility (Gage R&R) study is used to quantify the variation in measurement data that is due to the measurement system, and to identify the sources of that variability.

A study with defects and with chamfers

In this Application Note, we studied repeatability of the 4D InSpec on two very different kinds of measurements:

  • A variety of scratches and pits
  • Machined edge break chamfers

In the first case, the feature is irregular and uncontrolled in shape (these are often considered defects). In the second, a CNC machine is following computer instructions to make a consistent shape (this is a new part or refurbished part).

An instructive process

The App Note shows how the test was conducted, using different samples and 2 different analysis features that are built into 4D InSpec’s software. And it shows the repeatability analysis. The paper can be used as a model to conduct your own gauge repeatability and reproducibility studies. 

Proven results

The 4D InSpec is gage-capable for measuring defects such as nicks, scratches, and pits, and fine-scale features such as edge break, chamfer, and rivet depth. In this article we discuss how the 4D InSpec provides more repeatable data than other commonly-used inspection methods.

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