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Having a hard time measuring your rounding and chamfered surfaces? There’s an easier way to do it, with the 4D InSpec®!


4D Technology, a subsidiary of Onto Innovation, creates and releases the first of a three part, edge break video tutorial series using the 4D InSpec.

Edge breaking is a process that involves blunting or shaping the sharp edges of precision machined surfaces. Part longevity, human safety during handling, and proper performance of the component are the most important applications of edge breaking. However, measuring the surfaces of these chamfers quickly and easily? That’s challenging! Unless you’re measuring surfaces in three dimensions.

The 4D InSpec is a vibration-immune 3D surface geometry gauge, and can be used to measure chamfers, rounding and radius on manufactured parts. The instrument’s analysis software (with the edge break option) automatically finds the planes and surfaces, and measures their parameters, from a one-click measurement.

This video shows how to position the instrument, setting up a mask and necessary shape removal settings, and the results of the measurement.

To learn more about how to properly measure simple chamfers with the 4D Inspec, check out the newest tutorials below!

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About 4D Technology

4D Technology, a subsidiary of Onto Innovation, is a world-leading provider of dynamic and high precision three-dimensional surface metrology solutions.