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Fast and easy, Fir Tree Edge Break measurements with the 4D InSpec®!

The final segment of a three part, edge break video tutorial series using the 4D InSpec has been released.

Turbine blade-holding parts, called Fir Trees, present complex curves and bends in their edges. But the precision nature of the parts mean there may be hundreds of locations requiring precise edge break measurements. Those locations  can be complex edges, neither straight nor circular. Unless the measurement profile is directly perpendicular to the edge, even in a complex curve, the measurement will be inaccurate.

By measuring in 3D, the 4D InSpec analysis software is able to calculate perpendicular to any point on the edge, and does it in seconds. No need for replica gels, jigs or repeated attempts to get an average. It just works. It’s hand held (or mount it on a robot) and can be used in any environment, even on the machine shop floor. No need to transport parts to QC for more delays and waiting! 

This video shows the full, HOW-TO procedure, producing edge break measurements you can count on, even on these notoriously difficult parts. The difficulty with most gauges is aligning the measurement across the two adjoining planes—and the rounded edge—perpendicular to the edge’s direction. On a complex curve, that perpendicular line is different at EVERY point along the edge.

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