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Long-wave infrared qualification of optical surfaces and optical system alignment possible at operating wavelength using PhaseCam® LWIR

4D Technology, a subsidiary of Onto Innovation, has accepted multiple orders for their innovative Twyman-Green interferometers operating with a long-wave infrared (LWIR) laser source.

The systems will be used to align complex optical systems, wavefront error, and even surface shape of rough, unpolished components using a 10.6 µm infrared wavelength. They will feature 4D Technology’s ground-breaking dynamic interferometry mode for vibration – and turbulence-immune measurements. Even when measurements are taken over long paths in noisy, difficult environments the PhaseCam LWIR accurately and rapidly measures critical optical parameters.

Industrial customers in semiconductor, remote sensing, defense, and aerospace are encountering increasingly stringent component and system specifications and are employing infrared wavelengths for advanced sensing and imaging. The tightened specifications require long wavelength testing. In such cases LWIR systems are required to properly evaluate the parts under test.

PhaseCam LWIR’s mainframe

The PhaseCam LWIR will share features with 4D Technology’s recently released PhaseCam MWIR Twyman-Green interferometer. The custom PhaseCam LWIR instruments will maintain the dual-port capability of their mid-wave infrared (MWIR) counterparts, so that multiple apertures can be supported simultaneously. With only the turn of a knob, the PhaseCam LWIR will switch easily between two different optical test beams without changing the setup; allowing measurement through the system’s main aperture or through the side port.

It’s like having two optical test stations in one setup.

“4D Technology’s innovative engineering has enabled a nimble adaptation of an existing product design into a new wavelength regime. Our customers come to us knowing we are capable of rapid development, and that we rely on experience from well-tested builds to assure their custom instrument’s performance and durability. We are happy to be able to react to the increasing interest in this spectral range. We are grateful for our customers’ confidence in our design capabilities, and our commitment to long-term support of every product we ship, and are excited to be at the leading edge of new optical system applications,” said Erik Novak, Ph. D., general manager of 4D Technology.

The recently ordered systems will be shipped with a variety of diverging optics to handle different test setups. Some will include large-aperture beams, of up to 300mm through the side port, to enable maximum flexibility and utility for 4D Technology’s many customers in this space.


About 4D Technology

4D Technology is an Onto Innovation subsidiary and is a world leader in dynamic and high precision three-dimensional surface metrology.