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4Sight Focus Analysis Software – a blazing fast measurement and analysis tool – receives upgrades to provide enhanced experience

4D Technology, a subsidiary of Onto Innovation, makes valuable improvements to their analysis software in its latest release of 4Sight Focus 2022.1. 4Sight Focus, used commonly on 4D Technology’s interferometers today – is an industry-leader in acquiring and analyzing interferometric data. Quick acquisition speed, easy-to-learn interface, rich visuals, and in-depth data analysis features will boost metrology systems for current and new customers.

4Sight Focus acquires data from the instrument, and presents analysis, using a single-screen window, putting all regularly used controls within easy reach.

Updated Zernike Worksheet on 4Sight Focus Software

Included in the 4Sight Focus 2022.1 are substantial usability upgrades:

    • Radius of Curvature (ROC) measurement enhancement, including enabling automated ROC measurements on the AccuFiz D dynamic interferometer optimized for characterizing the surface of transparent optics such as domes and lenses
    • Improvements to surface calculations and user interface for the Zernike Worksheet – an interactive display that shows how close your measurement is to mathematically ideal data as defined by the Zernike polynomials
    • Streamlined mathematical calculations on group measurements
    • A new temporal algorithm to expand 4Sight Focus’ offering of phase-shifting algorithms, allowing users to choose what is best for a particular set of system conditions
    • Improvements to remote operation through WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) protocols

“The 2022 release of our flagship measurement and analysis software keeps our commitment to continuous improvements for our customers. For thousands of installed PhaseCam® interferometers, AccuFiz® Fizeau interferometers, and NanoCam™ optical profilers, 4Sight Focus 2022 will be a welcome update to improve their testing of optics and optical-quality surfaces in many industries,” said Erik Novak, Ph. D., general manager of 4D Technology.

By incorporating more advanced calculations on measurements and system improvements to an already advanced software package, 4Sight Focus continues to evolve in areas of user interface and application-specific analyses to improve the overall user experience for customers.

Customers who have the 4Sight Focus Analysis Software can contact 4D Technology through their website to get help with upgrading their software. The new version will be standard on new instruments, going forward.


About 4D Technology

4D Technology Corporation is an Onto Innovation subsidiary and is a world leader in dynamic and high precision three-dimensional surface metrology.